About Wood Flooring

At Woods-Up, we deliver quality premium solid timber flooring products to both trade and retail customers.  We offer a wide range of both tropical and temperate wood species from all over the world to cater to our customer’s varying needs, style and affordability. To complement our range of indoor timber flooring, we also offer outdoor timber that is ideal for decking, cladding, fencing and trellis. With Woods-Up, you can be assured that what you get will be one up from the rest.

Woods-Up Offers a total solution under one roof, providing  wood  species  and  components  that  extend  from  the interior to the exterior.

Coming from a group with almost 3 decades in the timber flooring industry and specializing in laying premium high quality timber floor, has    an enviable heritage in the wood flooring industry in Malaysia.

Henceforth, we are able to tap into our group’s extensive network of suppliers, resources and experience to offer premium quality flooring products at affordable prices. Furthermore, with the vast experience we have in working with the tropical and temperate wood species, our understanding of these various species and their characteristics has given us the edge in offering professional advise to our customers  on the choice of wood specie and product to suit their lifestyle and ambience.

We believe choosing the right timber species is only the first step. Having the right components and system of installation is just as important. That is why our customers can count on us to provide professional technical consultation, stretching beyond the supply of timber only.