Woods Up believes that high quality timber flooring goes beyond just timber species and size. Components that make up the final floor are an important consideration and vital part of the selection process.  While species and size are the physical aspects, good components ensure the floor is securely held down and has a durable wear-resistant finish.

Our high quality components includes:-


  • 10mmthick cemboard
  • 9/12/18mm thick WBP plywood
  • Grade A hardwood batten


  • PVAc water dispersion adhesive
  • Acrylate base emulsion adhesive
  • Epoxy solvent based rapid curing adhesive
  • PU non-solvent adhesive


  • Single/double component water based polyurethane coating
  • Penetrating natural oil
  • Exterior Wood Stain & protective coating  on adhesive
  • Acrylate base emulsion adhesive